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Why Hire a Professional MC instead of Just a DJ?

No other service in Kansas City creates a more exciting and personalized experience on your wedding day. Here's why: Great music is a must.  But instead of focusing only on music, an MC will create a total package that will make your reception flow seamlessly, keep your guests engaged, and be unforgettable from beginning to end.  
And few other MCs in Kansas City have the level of experience that Michael Lauren Weddings provides in making your reception absolutely amazing.

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A seamless and entertaining reception with zero awkward moments.  It takes more than just music. I can help you plan the perfect reception, MC your event with class, and provide an engaging soundtrack from beginning to end. 

Can you imagine celebrating like you were a guest at your own reception?  No stress. Just fun. And lots of it! This isn't achieved by a traditional DJ service.   That's what you hire for a cookie-cutter wedding reception.  But your wedding doesn't have to be stereotypical.  It can be fun, exciting, romantic, and unforgettable.  Guaranteed.  

What's the difference?   Far more planning goes into an unforgettable wedding day than many people realize.  As Kansas City's only DJ/MC that is also a certified wedding planner, I put my background to good use to offer a customized experience that far surpasses what an average DJ service offers.  I'll walk you through every aspect of your big event from start to finish and help you create the perfect night.  Everything will be personalized and flow seamlessly.  But most of all, you and your guests will have an unbelievable amount of  fun.  The kind of fun that comes once in a lifetime. (READ REVIEWS on The Knot) (READ REVIEWS on WeddingWire)

  • Music seamlessly mixed to your tastes
  • A professional host that engages your guests without stealing the spotlight
  • An exciting event that is tailored to you and your guests

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Surveys repeatedly show the number one factor to the success of your celebration is the entertainment.  Yet couples generally place a higher priority on items like flowers, or party favors.  Why?  Because often times it's only AFTER their wedding that couples realize that even with the prettiest flowers or decorations,  it was the entertainment that had the biggest impact on making their day special.  

It's not about spending more.  It's about prioritizing your existing budget, and getting more!  Since my services combine in-depth reception planning, as well as award-winning DJ and MC services, you can get a seamless and stress-free event.  But more than that, you'll get an unforgettably fun and exciting event! 

Contact me today for a free, no-obligation consultation, that will include helpful tips and creative ideas as to how you can make your wedding day memorable.


Designer Wedding Reception

(SAVE $200 on remaining 2018 dates!)

This is where it all starts.  The Designer Wedding Reception package includes access to unlimited professional face-to-face planning,   no time limit on day of services, along with sound and dance floor lighting for your reception.    

Add ons:


Includes ceremony planning, and a separate sound setup, including microphones, for your ceremony location.


Kansas City Up Lighting

Transform the look of your venue with our pro-grade wireless up lighting.  Color and design consultation included. 

Magic Mirror Photo Station

Add to the fun with our state-of-the-art, interactive mirror from The Clique KC.  Unbelievably fun, unique, and booking fast! 

The Clique KC Photo Mirror

*Additional lighting, projection, and other production available on request.  

Ultimate Wedding Reception

For one flat rate, provide the entertainment and visual excitement you've dreamed about.  Includes room up lighting and Photo Mirror photo booth services (3 hours) for one bundled rate.


Weddings are kind of a big deal.  You might start realizing this once the planning begins.  There are so many components to your wedding day.  Since you've probably never been in charge of such a large scale event before, it can be overwhelming!  The good news is that my service takes care of both your day-of planning, DJ services, as well as award winning MC services to keep things flowing, all for one flat rate, starting at $1600.  Your wedding day can be amazingly fun, completely stress free, and unforgettable! Contact me today!

More than Music

This is so hugely different from a traditional DJ service that it actually falls into a different category of Entertainment and Event Director.  The results are dramatically different, and the level of service much higher.   The value is unmatched, and definitely should not be compared to a service only providing you with music on your wedding day.  True, in-depth planning before your event, along with complete direction during your event, are combined with award-winning MC and DJ services to create an unforgettable event.  

Need More info?

My name is Michael.  I'm a DJ and MC from Kansas City.  My passion? I specialize in helping couples have the best wedding day possible. Award winning, 5 star, unforgettable receptions.  This isn't an ordinary DJ service.  I specialize only in weddings, focusing on each component of your day.  (Not like that DJ that "specializes" in weddings, graduation parties, bar mitzvahs, house parties, and bars.  But a true specialist in one-of-a-kind wedding celebrations.)

Every detail is carefully crafted.  I'll probably get just as excited as you planning your reception, but I promise not to steal the show.  I will keep things flowing, exciting, and customized to your tastes, because this is my profession, not a hobby, so you get my undivided attention and experience.   Why?  I think your wedding should be treated as a one-of-a-kind celebration, not just another "gig".  

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The MC

Music is great!  But who will direct your event, and keep things flowing?  As a professional spokesperson, I've been hired by hundreds of couples to help engage their guests and help them create an unforgettable celebration.

Having a true Master of Ceremony is the secret to success on your big day, and will provide the best experience for you and your guests.  An experienced MC will take control of your event and allow you to feel like your a guest at your own reception.  You will have an event that people will remember for years to come.   

See what couples have to say:

"Michael Lauren Weddings was the best choice my husband and I could have made. He's so much more than just a DJ." - Jessica

"Our wedding would not have been the same without Michael...He is worth every single penny and more!" - Amanda

"Absolutely the most professional, personalized, and valued part of our wedding." - Kyle

"If you are looking for a DJ that truly takes ownership in his craft, and will be completely focused on making your big day a night to remember, then Michael is your guy" - Tyler 

Wait. What's included?

lot, because your wedding has several components.  You need a professional who can take care of everything, leaving you with the freedom to celebrate in style.  Whether your plans call for an intimate celebration, or an extravagant party, my process includes unmatched planning, amazing DJ & MC services, and any equipment needed to create your perfect wedding reception.  Lights?  Fabric?  Trussing?  Theater-sized projectors? I can take care of whatever you need to make your dreams a reality.  

Designer Wedding Reception

Professional planning, DJ, & MC services included

Since no couple has the same vision, and every wedding is unique, I offer a very personalized approach to creating your one-of-a-kind celebration.  Personalized, as in, we end up hugging and high-fiving at the end of the night because your reception was so amazing. This award-winning package offers complete customization of your reception.  Advanced face-to-face planning, day of direction services to keep things flowing, and professional DJ & MC services completely eliminate the stress of planning your wedding, and will provide you with an unforgettable day!  Read the reviews to see what couples have to say about their experience with Michael Lauren Weddings.   You'll notice that not only are previous clients happy about a packed dance floor, the content centers on a much more personalized experience and attention to detail than a traditional DJ service.

You'll still get a seamless blend of music to set the perfect mood at the right time, not someone just pushing play, and NOT someone stealing the show like they're bringing a club to your wedding.  But you get much more.  As a professional MC, you won't just get "announcements", but someone who knows how to keep your guests having a great time, without stealing the show.  


This is where it all begins.  I can help it to be seamless and stress-free. My help with your ceremony Includes timeline planning, along with the sound reinforcement you need for your specific situation.  You can save big if your ceremony is in the same room as your reception, but don't worry!  If you are planning something outdoors or in another location, I'm happy to help for a discounted rate when coupled with reception services.  

Add ons

I can provide anything, from subtle uplighting and monograms, to arena-grade effect lighting, trussing and large-scale projection.  The possibilities are endless!  From intimate to extravagant, Michael Lauren Weddings can fully customize your big day.  Your only limit is your imagination.  If you are interested in taking your event to the next level, production level design is available to create the perfect look.  VIEW PRICING

Ask about corporate event services!

Q:  There are so many DJs!  How do I know what to look for?

A:   Excellent question.  You've said "Yes!", and now you are suddenly expected to be a professional coordinator. What?!  And with so many options, packages, and prices to choose from with wedding DJs in Kansas City, where do you begin?  I invite you to check out my blog post regarding reviews to help you fine tune your search.   Hint:  Look for a DJ specializing in weddings that can help you eliminate the stress of planning your wedding, not just provide music services.  

Q: Why shouldn't I just go with a traditional DJ service?

 Beautiful wedding in Kansas City at the Midland theater that I had the privilege of DJing.  

A: You don't just pick out the first dress you see.  It has to be "the one".  When you see it, you know it.  It's as if it were made for you, and you feel amazing wearing it.  Much like the perfect dress, a Designer Wedding Reception from Michael Lauren Weddings means that your reception is tailored specifically to you and your friends and family.  This doesn't happen by chance.  Through a creative process that involves advanced face-to-face planning to customize your experience, you'll have your personal stamp on a reception that is fun, unique, elegant, romantic, and engaging.  The stress is removed and you can fully enjoy your celebration, free of the awkwardness and stereotypes of the common wedding reception.   In addition, we carry a wide variety of lighting options for events of all sizes. 

I invite you to check out the information on this site to get answers to questions, and links to my reviews, along with pictures from previous weddings.  Then, when you're ready, contact me at your convenience to set up a free consultation.   

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Michael Lauren Weddings is an award winning Kansas City based DJ services specializing in Midwest and destination weddings.  Contact us today at michael@michaellaurenweddings.com  or 816-200-1492.