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Wedding Trends; What's right for you?

Fads and trends come and go, and choosing what's right for your wedding reception is an important decision.  I've been DJing in Kansas City for several years, and have seen quite a wide array of ideas implemented into events.   From the anniversary dance to the newlywed game, what is "new" and "unique" one month, is "stereotypical" and "passe'" the next.  So staying fresh and helping couples keep their wedding day special and engaging is a creative challenge that I really enjoy.  

I've never shied away from breaking barriers.  But I've always been careful to make sure that the way I integrate these ideas into a wedding reception never come across as cheesy or forced.  Sometimes it's as simple as taking a classic event, such as the bouquet toss, and making it better.  This is the case with most of the special events at your reception.  They shouldn't be avoided.  But they most definitely should be improved upon.  The end result should always add positively to the event.  In the end, the delicate balance of keeping your celebration current and fresh, but still retaining familiarity that will help your guests connect is very important.  

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