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Do you need a DJ, or something more?

So what's in a name?  You're looking for a DJ for your wedding, right?

According to an online dictionary, a DJ by definition is someone who makes announcements and plays recorded music. You'll find a variety of skill levels that match this criteria.  The title is used for all types of entertainers, from club DJs with great mixing skills, to guys who just push play or make a few announcements at a wedding.  Regardless, when we think of a DJ, we instantly think of someone playing music.

Music is a critical part of a successful reception.  I won't take anything away from a skilled artist who can mix and create a playlist that will keep your dance floor full.  But is that all you need for a successful reception?


My experience in the industry has led me to believe that far more is involved in creating a great overall event than just a preset play list.  Otherwise, Spotify and Itunes would have you covered.  

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A truly successful reception involves planning and preparation in advance.  From the order of events,  to finding the best way to seamlessly segue each event together, while engaging your guests, keeping them entertained, and catering to everybody young and old.  The entertainment starts, not when people get on the dance floor halfway through the night, but as soon as your first guest sets foot in the venue.

For your wedding, you need someone who can direct, entertain, and captivate.  And you need that person to also know how to DJ, and do it well.  This is where an Entertainment Director comes in. This is someone who can provide the full scope of what an amazing wedding reception demands.

Are we talking about someone who will steal the show?

Far from it.  You need someone that gets to know you well enough that they don't have to.  A skilled Entertainment Director will be familiar enough with you and your guests, and will have devoted enough time to pre-planning, that he will be able to orchestrate seamless event that puts you and your friends at the center of your celebration.

If the only thing good about your reception is the music, will your reception really have seen it's full potential?  If you have someone just make "announcements", will your guests feel engaged throughout the night?   The reason why so many couples who are planning their reception start their search out looking for "music" is because the industry does little to educate them on what they really need to have a great event.  But the reality is that you'll want a service that includes more.

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What to look for in an Entertainment Director

When you start the search for the perfect dress for your big day, what are you looking for?  Do you want it to look like everyone else's?  Are you basing is solely on price? NO! You want to find the perfect dress!  It needs to have a look that's all "you".  It needs to be unique.  You want it tailored so that you not only look fantastic wearing it, but you feel great in it.  And you'll go to great lengths to find the right dress.

Don't demand any less for the rest of your wedding.  Your reception should be tailored just for you.  It should make you feel fantastic!  And you shouldn't have to settle for something, just because you got a "deal".  This is your wedding.  It shouldn't be an experiment.  And there is no excuse NOT to have what you want.


Where to find a great director for your celebration

There are some really great choices in Kansas City.  My services, Michael Lauren Weddings. offers day-of coordination and pre-planning, along with excellent DJ services in an all-inclusive package called the Designer Wedding Reception.  I would love to have you contact me!  My wife, Crystal, has helped me to create some really great moments for couples over the past 3 years, and we'd love to sit down and discuss some creative possibilities with you for your reception.

But I'm not the only one! As an example, If I'm not available, I'd highly recommend contacting Marc O'Leary or Ron Ruth.  These professionals have set the bar in Kansas City as going far beyond a traditional DJ, and creating some unbelievable receptions as experienced Entertainment Directors.  (Email me for a complete list of trusted wedding professionals I highly recommend at michael@michaellaurenweddings.com)

Whatever direction you take, don't settle for just music and announcements at your reception.  Customize it.  Celebrate it!  Take the time to find the right professionals that will help you to achieve your vision.


Michael Lauren Weddings is an award winning Kansas City based DJ services specializing in Midwest and destination weddings.  Contact us today at michael@michaellaurenweddings.com  or 816-200-1492.