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The expectations of an elaborate marriage proposal have never been higher. Reality television, YouTube, and Pinterest have brought real-life proposals up front and center to every woman. They get to experience the girl’s emotion right there with them, as if it was their own proposal. And now, they are waiting for their chance to have a breathtaking, shaking with excitement, falling at the knees proposal of their own.

Now, as you can imagine, the men are feeling the pressure. How can their proposal be more personable, more imaginative, and more romantic than the next guys? How can he create a proposal so perfect that it wouldn’t make sense for anyone else? A truly unique moment that’s story will be told a million times during the engagement and for years to come? Ya, that’s pressure!

Luckily, there is someone here to help out the GUYS!

Meet our friend, Britney Beach, the owner of Plush Productions, a wedding planning firm in Kansas City. Her extensive experience planning special events over the past six years has made her the expert in the industry. In her hands, any couple can be trusted to have a flawless event. Recently, she added Proposal Planning to her services, and has become a man’s best friend when it comes to planning the moment to pop the question.

Her process begins with a consultation with the groom-to-be to learn more about the relationship and ideas for the proposal. She will then create the idea platform, assemble the ideal team of vendors, and execute the day-of activities behind the scenes. The best part- the guy gets to be the hero for creating such a magical and memorable proposal!

Out-of-town proposals are also her specialty as she will call and coordinate with the resort or hotel to ensure that everything is perfect when you arrive.

If you are planning to propose, or know of someone who is, you cannot go wrong by getting in touch with Britney. She offers complimentary consultations… a great starting point to begin planning your breathtaking, shaking with excitement, falling at the knees proposal!

 Britney Beach of Plush Productions

Britney Beach of Plush Productions

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